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Our Team

Management & Team

Four Troop Ltd. Management team was assembled from the Israeli top four elite operational units. Coming from different backgrounds, our management team participated in many operations worldwide, provided consultancy and Physical training to army elite units, government officials, police supervisors, security firms and wealthy individuals.

Roy Zechut/ Founder & CEO

Mr. Zechut served in the Israeli Air Force Commando unit in various positions and professions, and was the main instructor in one of the leading technological divisions in the unit. He has also participated in many operations and has extensive hands-on combat experience as an operative and paramedic.

After his service, he was deployed on different continents including: Africa, Asia and Europe, establishing Special Forces units and commando teams. He was responsible for the training and new weapon implementation process. He has also worked in the VIP protection arena as an agent and has managed projects in various countries, while supplying consulting on security and anti-terror issues.

Mr. Zechut has established and managed a foreign company and currently serves as a director in number of Israeli companies.

Mr. Zechut holds BA in government, diplomacy and strategy with specialization in counter-terrorism and international relations from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

Guy Sakin/ Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Sakin served in the Israeli Navy SEALs as an operative and commander and gained proven combat experience in many operations as part of his team’s raid force.

Mr.Sakin then joined an intelligence unit as a collecting field operative while working in hostile civilian environments.

He was deployed in many areas around the world such as: The Americas, Africa and Asia, and established and conducted training programs in the following operational fields: “Humint”, surveillance and counter surveillance, firearms training, anti-terror and hostage rescue, Israeli hand-to-hand combat, facility security and close protection training. He has managed many complex operations and has commanded numerous teams around the world.


The Team

All of FourTroop’s team members and employees are former Special Forces, Secret Service and special police unit personnel with extensive experience in military and security fields.

They are active members in their units reserve array and are always updated with the latest procedures and fighting methods. Over the years they have had learn to improvise in order to handle every situation in any kind of environment.

Our team members have expertise in weapons, survival, handling advanced technology, leading complex projects, managing special divisions and more.

Professional Advisory Board

Rear Admiral (Res.) Noam Feig / Maritime Advisor

Rear Admiral (Res.) Feig served as the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander of the Israeli Navy where he obtained more than 30 years of unique knowledge in the maritime field, including participation in several naval battles and countless navy operations.

Mr. Feig’s main responsibilities were: managing the Navy’s operational frameworks on an ongoing basis, managing the Navy’s development plans, technological development aimed at enhancing the Navy’s professional capability, managing the Navy’s budget and its varied resources and planning, administering, controlling and initiating streamlined and cost-effective programs. In addition, Mr. Feig managed the Navy’s operational division during a dynamic and tumultuous period in which numerous terror attacks and attempted incursions were thwarted, and anti-terror activities were carried out.

Mr. Oded Raz/ Homeland Security Advisor

Mr. Oded Raz served as the Deputy Head of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) Protection and Security Division where he shared 29 years of unique knowledge in various fields within the security field.

Mr. Raz served as the division’s Chief of Staff, responsible for international relations and all headquarter activities; responsibilities included protection and security of Israeli dignitaries, official delegations and delegations traveling abroad; domestic and international Israeli civil aviation and foreign civil aviation in the State of Israel; national classified information; official Israeli missions and personnel abroad; critical infrastructure within Israel; the ISA’s information, installations and personnel; Israeli ports and vessels in foreign ports and international and national borders.

Mr. Daniel Blankleder/ Commercial Advisor

Mr. Blankleder (LLB) shares more than 30 years of experience in business and law. His areas of expertise include:

Corporations and finance, international transactions, communications and technology, public companies, capital markets, commercial real estate and representation of investors.

Mr. Blankleder is an Honorary Consul of the Republic of Malta in Israel.

Mr. Blankleder served as an officer (Ret.) and as a Platoon Tank commander in the armored forces of the Israel Defense Forces with the rank of Major.


FourTroop, an Israeli company, is the first of its kind, providing a new and unique approach to the global security arena.

FourTroop was established by former members of the top elite Israeli Special Forces units. With our professional personnel and experience, FourTroop is a global leader in the defense and HLS fields.

We have achieved this goal by combining three unique and unparalleled services that are based on our manpower arsenal:

  • Elite HR Recruitment
  • Special Task Team
  • Top Officials Exporting Knowledge