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19-22 Sep 2011 > Exclusive Aviation Security Seminar led By Israeli Senior Officials » read more


FourTroop povides its clients with unique security lectures from Israeli Top Officials who share decades of experience in the Israeli security systems.

FourTroop represents Israeli Top Officials like the Former Head of the Shin Bet (ISA), Former Commissioner of Police and many others in front of Security (HLS) & Defense conferences, exhibitions and seminars as keynote speakers, conference chairmen and panel leaders.

From our experience, participation of these officials in conferences and exhibitions contributes in number of aspects:

1. Obtaining global media coverage

2. Raising the prestige of the conference

3. Increased amount of visitors

4. Participation of other national and international officials

5. Promoting your conference in front of other conferences

6. Continued success of the conference for years to come

Each official has a few lectures which they share with experienced audiences. Our officials boast worldwide experience in providing lectures and consulting services to: governmental bodies and the corporate and private sectors.


While teaching the most updated doctrines in the security sphere, FourTroop officials bring their own unique experiences with handling counter terrorism strategies.

Admiral(ret.) Ami Ayalon – Former Head of The Shin Bet and Israeli Navy



1. Security and Democracy

The dilemmas that national security organizations are facing while countering terrorism in modern society.

2. Information Technology, Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

The challenges in Counter Terrorist organizations, which are conducting on-going technological warfare (Al Qaida and Global Jihad).

3. Profiling in Counter Terrorism

The balance between tight security and democracy & between tackling terror acts and addressing its roots.

4. The Transformation in the “Shin Bet” after PM Rabin’s Assassination

Conceptual and operational changes that were conducted in the Israeli Security Agency in order to better protect officials.

5. Information Capturing in Security

How to transform information from different kinds of sources and turn it into operational capability.

Former Commissioner of Police Assaf Heffetz




1. The Israeli Anti Terror Unit

As the Founder of the “Yamam” (SWAT) unit in Israel, Mr. Heffetz gives his personal view of the unit’s history, structure and other key issues.

2. Coordinating the Elements

The synchronization of law enforcement units demands a proper counter terrorism strategy, including planning and practicing.

3. Technology Challenge in Combating Terrorism

This lecture provides a unique analysis of scenarios where technology can assist in counter terrorism.

4. Coastal Road Massacre

Mr. Heffetz will analyze the 1978 Costal Road Massacre event from his personal view, both the lessons learned and the implementation processes that occurred after.

5. Combating the New Political Terrorism

We will discuss the phenomena, its major features and how it should be addressed while analyzing the global terrorists’ modus operandi

Rear Admiral (Res.) Noam Feig – Maritime Expert




1. Securing Coastlines and Borders

You can do it only if you have the ability to achieve Maritime Awareness in your territorial and EEZ waters

2. Unmanned Combat Systems in the Maritime Arena

Do we draw a line between manned and unmanned systems (UAVs, USVs, UUVs, and URSs) operating in the maritime arena?

3. Vessel Protection in Asymmetrical Warfare

Piracy at sea has become a real threat that influences the freedom of shipping, can we protect ourselves?

4. Securing Maritime Strategic Facilities

The modern threat of the asymmetric war on our ports, oil rigs and other strategic assets forces us to protect them in different ways, allowing them to operate at maximum capacity.

Deputy Head of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) Protection and Security DivisionMr. Oded Raz – Former Israeli Security Agency (ISA) Top-Official




1. Cyber Terrorism

As the former head of the cyber terrorism unit in the ISA, Mr. Raz gives a unique and in depth analysis of the existing threats and possible counter measures of dealing with the phenomenon

2. Security Supervision (Covert and Overt). Total Quality Management (TQM) in Security Structures

Within the last 20 years the ISA has developed new methods for security management and supervision. Mr. Raz will explain about the fundamentals of the system.

3. Intelligence in Security

How to correctly connect all the pieces of the intelligence puzzle to implement effective counter terrorism measures

4. Risk Mitigation Management of Critical Infrastructure

The threats that terror organizations are planning are becoming more sophisticated every day. The lecture will touch the importance of implying risk management culture into any organization.

5. Large Scale Event Protection

The lecture will emphasize how to efficiently prepare and manage mega events and how to deal with common threats in effective ways.


Former head of the Security Division of El-Al AirlinesMr. Shmuel Sasson – Former Israeli Security Agency (ISA) Top-Official




1. Trends in Aviation Terrorism and the Security Challenges

Israel shares a long history with aviation terrorism. The events of 9/11 caught the western world unprepared for such attacks. As the former security director of El-Al airlines, Mr. Sasson gives a unique strategic analysis of security challenges while dealing with the phenomenon of terrorism.

2. Methods to Enhance In-Flight Security

In-flight security remains as a gap in the security apparatus despite significant improvements in security measures and it remains almost completely dependent on pre-flight filters.

3. Pillars in the Dignitary Protection Apparatus

This lecture will touch on the Israeli method of VIP protection and lessons learned from past events.

home land security expertBrigadier General (Res.) Dubi Yung – Homeland Security Expert



1. Democracy as a stumbling block in the global war on Islamist terrorism – This lecture deals with the dilemmas of balancing the system between the principles of democracy and the concern for human rights.

2. The Importance of Border Security in a time of Globalized Agreements – Shifting relationships and technology are changing the dominance of national borders, requiring us to deal with serious crime and fighting terrorism in the modern era.

3. Law enforcement in the era of terror – How to correctly connect all the pieces of the intelligence puzzle of effective counter terrorism measures.

4. National Crisis Management; Who Does What? – Synchronization and data transfer in real time are essential for command and control; emphasizing the importance of who does what, to optimize the system in a crisis.

5. Lessons learned from counterterrorism events – Briefings and debriefings of operational events is the preferred method to improve the doctrines of the fight against terrorism and serious crime.

Close Air Support & UAV World ExpertBrig. General (Ret.) Gabriel Shachor – Close Air Support & UAV World Expert



1. Operational Concepts for UAV’s – The emerging power of the UAV systems brings new and revolutionary operational concepts. What are those concepts and how do they influence the modern battlefield?

2. Building the UAV Force – From the Drawing Board to a Modern Fleet – The challenges in building a modern UAV fleet are immense. What are the building blocks, guidelines and principles for such a complex mission?

3. UAVs in The IDF – Lessons Learned – The IDF has operated UAV’s for the past 35 years. What are the lessons learned during those years, and who do they apply for future conflicts?

4. Close Air Support – the Revolution of the Last 10 Years – The revolution of real time intelligence and the ability to distribute it to the operational client.

5. Israel – Strategic Overview – Strategic overview and the security challenges of Israel.

crisis negotiation and management expertShmuel Zoltak- Police Colonel (Res.)




1. Crisis Negotiation– The lecture presents the unique world of negotiating with hostage takers and kidnappers, dealing with major dilemmas associated with these challenging and demanding circumstances.

2. Crisis Management – The presentation sheds light on the art and complexity of crisis management. It presents the many variables associated with addressing the process of high profile crisis management and provides a coherent concept for a successful resolution.

3. The Mind Set of Suicide Bombers – What motivates suicide bombers? What is their psychological profile? What is their core system of beliefs? Do suicide bombers experience regret during the process and if so, when?

4. Apocalyptic Cults and Non-Conventional Terrorism – Weapons of mass destruction in the hands of destructive cults pose serious threats to society

Ms. Orit Adato  Former Commissioner of the Israeli Prison Service (IPS)



1. Prison as a component in the terror process – Radicalization and extremism in prison, managing terror inmates in prison, coping with these trends.

2. Intelligence as a management tool – The roll of intelligence in correctional facilities (Prison Systems) and interaction with other law enforcement agencies.

3. Legal aspects regarding Terror inmates – Similarities and differences between terror inmates and organized crime gangs, international legal definitions and status.

4. Organized Crime and Terror – Linkage between terror organizations and crime, drugs and terror, utilizing criminal networks for terror activities.

5. Leadership – Principles and values leading to a breakthrough in crisis situations – Personal experience in leading organizations through challenges.

6. Women integrating in security organizations – Different perspective as an added value, leading to synergy. Personal experience as a woman leading in security organizations.

Vice Chairman of the Public Committee Aerospace, Defense & HLS in the Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI), Israel.Brigadier General (res.) Mena Bacharach




1. Lecture on September 11th– An explanation of ‘pre’ and ‘post’ security procedures at checkpoints in the US. The only existing video clip of the flight from Dulles Washington Airport will be shown and an evaluation of the loopholes in the security checks will be provided. Finish with a description of the security situation I personally found in the 10 major US Airports immediately following 9/11.

2. Cargo Security – A review of the flowchart for the relevant cargo security process. An explanation of the various shippers and other organizations involved in this process will be given. Finally, review and understand the different threats to cargo and various screening methods available.

Deputy Head of the Protection and Security Division in ISAMr. Jonathan Shoham Former Chief of Staff and deputy head of the Protection and Security Division in the Israeli Security Agency (ISA)



1. Suicide Bombing Phenomenon – and the techniques to detect the threats and means of armed conflict.

2. Explosive Simulation Technologies  – that aim to enhance the explosive and IED detection capabilities of security agents and law enforcement personnel.

3. Physical Protection and Airport Security – by using the correct means many lives can be saved while reducing passenger inconvenience to a minimum.

4. Integration between technology and the human factor.

5. Simulating the real world of Quality Assurance – Governments and private companies seek reliable safety measures to protect their core assets. In order to maintain an appropriate level of preparedness and to mitigate the risks, a mechanism based on three elements is required – CONTROL, RED TEAMING & AUDIT.

FourTroop, an Israeli company, is the first of its kind, providing a new and unique approach to the global security arena.

FourTroop was established by former members of the top elite Israeli Special Forces units. With our professional personnel and experience, FourTroop is a global leader in the defense and HLS fields.

We have achieved this goal by combining three unique and unparalleled services that are based on our manpower arsenal:

  • Elite HR Recruitment
  • Special Task Team
  • Top Officials Exporting Knowledge