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We recruit former elite military, police and governmental agency personnel from Israel and abroad to various positions worldwide.

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Elite Recruitment



task team

Based on our exclusive arsenal we are able to immediately assemble the best professional team for any need of our clients and act globally.

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Special Task Team

top officials

exporting knowledge

Representing Israeli top officials such as: Former Head of the Shin Bet (ISA), Former Commissioner of Police and many others.

Top Officials

FourTroop, an Israeli company, is the first of its kind, providing a new and unique approach to the global security arena.

FourTroop was established by former members of the top elite Israeli Special Forces units. With our professional personnel and experience, FourTroop is a global leader in the defense and HLS fields.

We have achieved this goal by combining three unique and unparalleled services that are based on our manpower arsenal:

  • Elite HR Recruitment
  • Special Task Team
  • Top Officials Exporting Knowledge

4Troop Maritime

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